A Residential Investment Crowdfunding Platform

We help people get the numerous benefits from investing in rental properties, but are constrained from doing it effectively on their own


Target Annual Return:  15%

Target Net Cash Yield:  5% - 7%

Average Investment Term:  3 - 7 years

  • Opportunities – get access to very good rental investment options (less than 1% of market deals are considered), but without any cost or obligation, and the decision is always yours

  • Ethics – adhere to principals and processes that support strong investments while aligning to your values


  • Decisions – make informed investment decisions based on provided facts and analysis

  • Control – invest only deal-by-deal, and customize to your goals and preferences


  • Amount – invest whatever amount you are comfortable with, and benefit from aggregation from multiple investors


  • Risk – minimize your real estate investment risks and diversify your portfolio

  • Cash Flow – funds only provided for settlement, and not used for anything else or held needlessly

  • Results – achieve high return on investment with annual dividends and appreciation


  • Liquidity – flexibility to sell your property investments quickly


  • Time – spend a small fraction of the time it would take if you tried to do this on your own, and capitalize on our speed

  • Expertise – leverage the knowledge, experience and resources of people that can provide strategies and guidance in obtaining and managing residential investments


  • Management – get high quality property management that takes care of all the potential hassles of maintaining rental properties and tenants.

  • Administration – simplify the associated accounting, legal and tax responsibilities



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